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Seathwaite (Borrowdale)

(See also Borrowdale)

Seathwaite valley Borrowdale by Peer LawtherSeathwaite and its valley, at Borrowdale’s southern end, is a farming village. According to the government weather office it is Britains wettest inhabited spot with an average yearly rainfall of 140 inches.
Uninhabited Styhead Tarn nearby has recorded 172 inches as their annual average rainfall.

Seathwaite farm’s small grove of yew trees were immortalized by Wordsworth who wrote in Fraternal four of Borrowdale:

“...But worthier still of note
Are those fraternal Four of Borrowdale
Joined in one solemn and capacious grove
Huge trunks! and each particular trunk a growth
Of intertwisted fibres serpentine. . .”

Seathwaite farm cottages by Google Maps

Photos courtesy of Peer Lawther , Google Maps.

Seathwaite is 7.5 miles south of Keswick on a minor road off the B5289.

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