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Seathwaite (Duddon Valley)

(See also Duddon Valley)

Seathwaite Newfield Inn by Barbara BallardSeathwaite (not to be confused with Seathwaite south of Keswick) lies in the Duddon Valley, on the old Walna Scar road. The 16th century Newfield Inn provides a welcoming refreshment stop. The Wordsworths stayed here on their travels in the valley.

The local church, restored in Victorian times and quite plain, has benches for seating. It was where the parson known as the Wonderful Walker preached. He lived here from 1736 until 1802 and worked on the area Seathwaite church Duddon Valley by Barbara Ballardfarms, brewed and sold beer, spun wool, and taught classes until he died aged 92. Wordsworth wrote about him.

Photos by Barbara Ballard

Seathwaite is on a minor road from the A595 in the south and the Hardknott-Wrynose pass road in the north, which is off the A593 from Skelwith Bridge.

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