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(See also Kendal)

Sedgwick village by Adie JacksonSedgwick lies on the east bank of the Kent River. It was once a prosperous village due to the gunpowder mill in the village. At one time the Kendal to Lancaster canal ran through the village, and the gunpowder was transported on it. The Wakefield family owned the mill and used some of the profits to build local cottages.

Gothic styled Sedgwick House was built by the Wakefields who employed Paley and Austin to design it. It was finished in 1869.

Sedgwick village back lane by Stephen McKayThe Mary Wakefield Festival, held in Kendal every other year, is named for the famous singer of the same name. Her connection with Sedgwick is due to her childhood spent at Sedgwick House.

Sedgwick House by David Medcalf

Photos courtesy of Adie Jackson, Stephen McKay, David Medcalf and Alexander P Kapp The Geograph British Isles Project

Sedgwick is on a minor road three miles south of Kendal just off the A591 A590.

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