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Spark Bridge

Spark Bridge River Crake courtesy of Graeme DougalSpark Bridge is a quiet village comprised of rows of 17th century whitewashed houses lining the road and other homes scattered among woods and farms.

By 1750 the Spark Bridge and Duddon Iron Works was in production, and a Spark Bridge village street courtesy of Graeme Dougalnumber of bobbin mills also operated in the surrounding countryside. Cotton factories added to the industrial mix.

A 17th century pub with traditional architecture, the Royal Oak, caters to visitors and locals. About half a mile Spark Bridge the Royal Oak courtesy of Graeme Dougalfrom the village was a chapel house, built in 1664, but now in disrepair.

Spark Bridge sits on the River Crake just below Coniston Water.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Spark Bridge is off the A5092, four miles north of Ulverston.

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