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Stainton With Adgarley

Stagger Inn by David LongLong Lane, Slop Lane, and Stainton Lane are colourful names for the roads along which Stainton with Adgarley is located. The Stainton name comes from Steintun while Adgarley was once called Eadgarlith. A village pub is called the Stagger Inn.

The loose connection of houses, some dating to the early 1700s, are in a farmland and former limestone quarrying (started in 1866) area. Stainton and Adgarley each have their own village green. A branch of the Furness Railway once went this way to the quarry.

White House near Stainton with Adgarley by Ron ShirtStainton Hall, a manor house of roughcast stone, was built before the civil war. On the lintels are the dates 1657 and 1658. There were later alterations and additions to the slate roofed house. A Congregational church started as far back as 1698 but ended in the 1960s. The former chapel, built in 1902, still exists.

The area is rich in bronze age burial mounds and other prehistoric remains.

Photos courtesy of David Long and Ron Shirt The Geograph British Isles project

Stainton With Adgarley Southeast of Dalton-inFurness.

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