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Urswick Great and Little

(See also Birkrigg Stone Circle)

Great Urswick and Urswick tarn by Graeme Dougal Great and Little Urswick are flip sides of the same coin, or to put it in literal terms, they are opposite sides of the same tarn. Their proximity and shared history makes them identifiable mostly by which spot on Urswick tarn they occupy.

The tarn plays host to water birds, swans and Great Urswick coot on the tarn by Graeme Dougalbream. A local restaurant, The Coot on the Tarn, links its name to a tradition. People born in the village were known as Ossick Coots.

Many of the village buildings are of grey stone and pebble dash. One of Great Urswicks pubs, the 17th century General Burgoyne, is named after a soldier of the SevenGreat Urswick General Burgoyne Pub by Graeme Dougal Years War. He co-authored plays with Sheridan. A skull lies in a cupboard in the pub, and woe betides anyone who removes it. At least, that is what legend records. Little Urswick is home to the Swan, an early 1800s pub.

Set back from the village, St Mary and St Michael church, of the 13th and 14th centuries (restored in 1908), has a wide square tower. It is thought a church existed here since the 9th Great Urswick St Mary and St Michael Church exterior by Graeme Dougalcentury. Inside the church interior is stone with a flagged stone floor. An 18th century three tiered pulpit holds pride of place along with a 12th century font. Fragments of 10th-11th century crosses, one with an Anglo-Saxon inscription, and early 20th century wood carvings are further items of note. In the windows are bits of heraldic glass. The church plays host to a rush-bearing ceremony in September.

Great Urswick St Mary and St Michael Church interior by Graeme DougalBirkrigg Stone Circle is one of several prehistoric settlement sites in the surrounding countryside.

Photos courtesy of Graeme Dougal

Great and Little Urswick are located on minor roads off the A590 near Dalton-in-Furness.

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