July 3, 2020

Towns and Villages of Cumbria


Warwick on Eden Queens Arms Inn by Barbara BallardWarwick-on-Eden lies on the river Edens west bank on a busy main road to Carlisle. The Queens Arms Inn is the local pub. The Saxons called the village Warrick-wick and the Normans named it Warthwick.

The stone church of St Leonard, although considered one of the countys best Norman churches, mostly dates from 1870. There is a Norman arch of 1130 still surviving and, at the east end, a Norman apse with two small windows. Warwick-on-Eden St Leonard Church by Martin and Jean NorgateThe apse is decorated outside by plain projecting pilaster strips carrying small arches, unusual for England.

Photos by Barbara Ballard and courtesy of Martin and Jean Norgate

Warwick-on-Eden is located on the A69 four miles east of Carlisle and junction 43 of the M6.

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