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Westward is a scattered village consisting of stone farmhouses and cottages. Wheat and oats were traditional crops. Quarries in the area produced red and white limestone.

Wiza Beck by Bob Jenkins Below the village are Wiza Beck and Inglewood forest, once Henry II's royal forest. It was granted by Edward III to Thomas Lucy, and then became the property of the Percy family. From them it went to the earl of Egremont. When General Wyndham, who inherited the earl's estates, owned it, the 400 acre park was called Westward Park. He ran a tile manufactory.

Sir William Henry Bragg, born in the village, won with his son Lawrence the Nobel prize for physics in 1915 for their radioactivity research. They developed x-ray crystallography.

Westward Church by Bob JenkinsThe village church, St Hilda, was built on the site of an earlier one and was restored in 1879. It has a small tower and overlooks a ravine. The church graveyard marches right up to the door. Inside is a brass dated 1648.

Photos courtesy of Bob Jenkins The Geograph British Isles Project

Westward is on a minor road off the A595, 2.5 miles south of Wigton.

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