July 4, 2020

Towns and Villages of Cumbria


Whitbeck Church Townend Hall Cinder Hill Farm by Mark JenkinsonWhitbeck, called Whidbek in the 1500s, is located 2.5 miles inland from Cumbrias western coast. To the north is the village of Bootle. The village church is St Marys, restored in 1858 and again in the early 1900s. It is overlooked by Black Combe, 1970 feet high. The summit of the mountain has a bowl-like depression. Peat moss favours the area, and remains of ancient oak and fir trees were found buried in it. At one time people visited to take advantage of a medicinal spring in the area, said to cure scurvy.Whitbeck St Mary Church by jmc4

Photos courtesy of jmc4 , Mark Jenkinson The Geograph Britain and Ireland project.

Whitbeck is located off the A595 north of the town of Millom and south of Ravenglass.

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