Introduction to Cumbria

I do not know of any tract of country, in which, in so narrow a compass, may be found an equal variety in the influences of light and shadow upon the sublime and beautiful.

William Wordsworth

The poet, Wordsworth, was referring to one of England´s most beautiful regions, the Lake District National Park UNESCO World Heritage site. Comprising 912 square miles, it is the best known part of the county of Cumbria. But there is more to Cumbria than the Lake District

Cumbria is a land of beauty and variety, from its busy cities and historic market towns to its New Homes Backbarrow  Cumbria, courtesy Cumbrias Leven Valleystone and slate villages, each possessing their own character. Cumbria´s landscape is diverse. Wild fells and high passes with endless views stir the imagination. Quiet pastoral countryside and valleys enchant. Rivers twist and tumble. Glacial lakes reflect cloud-topped mountains. Man-made drystone walls march across the dales. Woodlands and coastal scenery add to the mix.

The legacy of the past is here in prehistoric and Roman remains. Stone circles and burial cairns dot the land. Old Roman roads and forts still command attention. Historic places of worship and ruined castles speak of Norman times. Country houses and gardens delight the visitor.

Walkers call this county ´paradise´. Everywhere the grandeur of the scenery speaks to the glory of Cumbria. Welcome to this much-loved land.

So put your walking boots on and visit the beautiful Cumbrian countryside!

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